Construction Site Photography Made Easy: HomeJab’s Innovative Solution for Efficient Project Documentation

construction site photography

Whether you are a custom home builder delivering bespoke expectations on the residential scale or a construction manager executing hundreds of millions of dollars of work spread out over several city blocks, construction is a complex business. When it comes to potential problems, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Materials, equipment, craftsmanship, cost, quality, schedule, and safety must all be intermingled in a precise ballet of moving parts, changing circumstances, and situational constraints, each of which presents its own series of unknowns.

Behind it all, the builder’s primary ally against a whole slew of problems ranging from rework to lawyers and court filings is documentation that effectively proves the work was done right in the first place. That’s where quality builders and construction managers routinely rely on quality construction site photography to document their work.

For some, this may mean walking the 4,500-square-foot house they are building and taking photographs with their phone. For others construction site photography is a routine part of job walks, safety inspections, hold-point reviews, and other daily activities affiliated with compliance.

According to a study by Dodge Data & Analytics, 67% of construction professionals rely on construction site photography for project documentation and communication purposes, showcasing the growing importance of this service in the industry.

Construction site photography is used for a variety of reasons including documentation and reporting, future marketing efforts, and as legal backup against disputes or unjust claims of many sorts. Habitually documenting the means, methods, and stages of construction through quality photography greatly facilitates the contractor’s ability to maintain continual awareness of work in progress as it unfolds.

For many, the challenge becomes getting as much photography as needed, while the work is progressing, and many other tasks demand the superintendent’s constant attention.

If you have high-volume construction site photography needs, HomeJab can help. Founded on the desire to make professional photography for real estate, construction, and multi-unit holdings easy, affordable, and scalable, HomeJab is a service on-demand, enterprise photography solution akin to DoorDash or Uber.

Using HomeJab construction contractors, architects, engineers, building owners, and even future homeowners can secure professional photography of their project as it is being built with whatever frequency they desire. Weekly, monthly, or just at the end of the job, HomeJab connects the design and construction industry with professional photographers who combine expertise, equipment, experience, and near-term availability to fulfill a wide range of assignments. Once account services are established, design and construction industry clients can schedule professional photography remotely with just a few screen taps on their digital devices.

Currently, HomeJab engages more than 800 talented photographers nationwide to complete approximately 125 independent photography shoots each day. Because HomeJab keeps this deep pool of professional photographers routinely engaged on similar assignments, we can offer specialized photography and drone video capture services focused on the construction industry as a service on-demand business solution.

construction photography

Many construction companies begin new construction projects by conducting damage surveys to document conditions existing prior to their involvement. Site photography and drone-flown video will capture all immediately adjacent properties and any structures or elements on those properties including fences, driveways, mailboxes, and sheds.

Documentation also often includes site feeding roadways, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, nearby traffic apparatus, existing utility boxes, bridges, and anything else in the public right-of-way that could be damaged. Likewise, during construction there are any number of milestone moments that may be both documented and celebrated including topping out, getting dried-in, or installing first-ever equipment, materials, or building techniques. Just as often, there are standardized hold-points, first assemblies, and official inspections, all of which are beneficially photographed for a variety of purposes.

Without HomeJab, construction companies with projects in multiple parts of the country are often challenged to find skilled photographers with specific expertise in each project market. Even after a company does find a local photographer, there are still scheduling challenges around getting a specific photograph routinely on-site at specific dates and times. Through HomeJab’s app-based client account, finding, scheduling, and completing a construction photography assignment is touch-screen simple anywhere in the country.

Once the contractor goes through a client onboarding process with HomeJab, scheduling construction site photography or drone video services is as easy as installing the app. Once the contractor is onboarded, they prepay for credits that allow designated users to schedule project photography on-demand whenever and wherever needed.

Since the financial and contractual transaction between the contractor and the photographer is secured in advance through HomeJab, there is no need for project negotiation. The project manager simply orders pre-set photography packages tailored to their account through the onboarding process and within a few hours the work with be scheduled with a local HomeJab photographer.

Construction and design industry clients can choose from a wide range of photography and video packages including both standard and High-Dynamic Range (HDR) photography in sets of 15, 30, or 50 photos as well as video walk-throughs, aerial videos, and 3D virtual tours.

For construction companies and design practices with jobs spread out across the country, the efficiencies begin with being able to solve photography and videography needs locally, but compound exponentially based on their geographic footprint and volume of need. Having a single-source photography and videography provider with nationwide reach allows construction industry clients to get the sameness of service, experience, and deliverables across the country through our multi-photographer fulfillment capabilities.

What makes the service genuinely valuable to construction industry clients is HomeJab’s ability to customize services to their business objectives. Some construction companies may only want milestone moments and finished photography, while others may want a week-by-week account of everything that transpires.

photos for construction site

Though there are challenges to customizing HomeJab’s standard service, our detailed construction client onboarding process is the key to working out the kinks. HomeJab will assign an account representative to each construction industry client to understand workflow processes and photography needs. The account manager will then marshal resources and shepherd mutual success for photographers, contractors, stakeholders, and compliance. This requires a situational investigation that unfolds over time.

In addition to a dedicated account manager, we will work with construction industry clients to assess the need to account for each photographer’s PPE and any necessary training or job site orientation associated with specific projects.

Regardless of your needs or objectives, if you routinely need high-volume, multi-location construction site photography, HomeJab is the photo and video solution you’ve been looking for.

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