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HomeJab real estate photographer survey shares 'Rants and Raves'

HomeJab polled more than 100 professional real estate photographers for its first annual “Rants and Raves” survey. Among the survey findings are the Top 5 things professional real estate photographers wish all sellers did (that most don’t do) before a shoot:

Declutter – 95%

Remove objects in the way of a photo (toys, bikes, hoses, etc.) – 86%

Clean the house – 75%

Fix light bulbs – 73%

Clean pathways and driveways (remove cars) – 54%

For the complete survey results, please click here.

What are the most popular real estate listing photos? New HomeJab study reveals the answers.

Professional real estate photographers hired by listing agents took the images used for the research from a random selection of 600 properties listed for sale in early June 2022.

The HomeJab study – using Restb.ai computer vision technology – found:

Bedroom photos topped the list. More than one in ten images used to sell a home were bedroom photos (11.92%).

Kitchen photos came in second place, just 1/50th of one percent lower than bedroom photos (11.90%).

Living room photos took the third spot, with 10.79%.

Bathroom photos were No. 4 with 9.75%.

Front exterior photos rounded out the top 5 most popular real estate listing photos with 8.70%.

“HomeJab Curve” shows real estate remains seasonal, despite tight inventory and the impact of COVID-19

A new HomeJab study tracked real estate photography listing assignments by month to determine patterns. A “HomeJab Curve” emerged, showing the remarkable consistency of real estate listing activity over the last four years, despite both record low inventory and the pandemic. Charting the data reveals that while activity during the pandemic diverged from the standard curve of real estate listing from March 2020 to May 2020, it corrected itself in June and then closely tracked past listing trends.

New HomeJab Study Reveals “Blue Vs. Red State” Agent Marketing Spend

In a recent study, HomeJab found a significant difference in the amount of marketing dollars agents spent on listings before and after COVID. The study looked at more than 43,000 professional real estate photography assignments over the last five years.

HomeJab Study Says Video Tops 3D Interactive Tours

Survey also shows 72% of Real Estate Agents Use Pro Photos for Every Listing

In a real estate photography survey conducted nationwide, HomeJab found some interesting stats about real estate agents and their listing habits. Survey is based on responses from 289 top producing listing agents.

New HomeJab Real Estate Photo Study Finds Sellers are Unprepared

Survey also asks photography pros to rate real estate agents’ “professionalism”

HomeJab surveyed more than 300 professional real estate photographers from all areas of the country. More than half of the professional real estate photographers said that most of the time – half to more than half – homeowners are unprepared.

HomeJab study shows Wednesdays are the most popular day for taking real estate listing photos

Study also reveals the impact of COVID-19 on video/3D and aerial photography

For this study, HomeJab, which has real estate photography professionals available in every major US market and all 50 states, studied nearly 60,000 real estate photography assignments placed by real estate agents between 2018 and 2021.

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