Virtual Twilight

Make your listing stand out with virtual twilight.

Why Use Virtual Twilight?

A virtual twilight photograph depicts the home in a dusk or twilight setting which increases online click through rates significantly. As a result, more attention is generated from a greater amount of potential buyers.  For more info, please check out how Virtual Twilight Photos Increase Click-Through Rates by 300%.

HomeJab's Virtual Twilight Services

HomeJab’s virtual twilight services are a fast and affordable way to showcase your property in the soothing light of dusk, without having to wait for the sun to set.

Also known as day to dusk photo editing, virtual dusk services use advanced photo editing techniques to add pastel colors to the sky, provide contrast lighting for windows and lamps, and give your property an overall warm and inviting look.

The result is an eye-catching, scroll-stopping, photorealistic image of the property that can boost your listing’s click rate by 300%, winning more leads and selling properties faster and better than the competition.

HomeJab’s virtual twilight services are great for:

Single-Family Homes

With 90% of homebuyers conducting their property search online, your listing’s featured image needs to wow potential buyers and keep them from scrolling right past it. A virtual twilight photo can do just that by standing out in a sea of plain and grainy images of interiors and exteriors. Give your listing the competitive edge it needs to stand out and get clicked, leading to more showings and a quicker sale.

Help potential buyers imagine what your apartment or condo community looks like before nightfall. Highlight the common areas, amenities, and views that make it special. With day to dusk photo editing, you can evoke the tranquil ambiance of dusk at the pool, clubhouse, or above the building’s facade. This could be just what the weary apartment hunter needs to see before visiting your condo in person and calling it home eventually.

Apartments and Condominiums

Commercial Properties

Make a strong first impression with potential tenants, landlords, and investors by featuring a well-lit virtual twilight photo of your office building, retail space, or industrial property. Whether it’s for a retail center, restaurant, or living complex, day to dusk photos can help you attract the right clientele, filling in those vacancies quickly and keeping your business booming.

Sell your parcel of raw land, undeveloped lot, or rural acreage faster with a vibrant virtual twilight photo that makes an impact. Illuminate the sky above your vacant land in warm blues, pinks, and whites, and let buyers know that this is the perfect place for them to build their dream homes.

Vacant Land

pricing for real estate photography

Virtual Twilight Pricing

Virtual twilight is included in our Luxury HDR packages at no additional cost. But it’s also available as a flexible à-la-carte service for just $40 per image.

Check out our pricing page to learn more about our real estate photography packages and services.

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Find a Virtual Twilight Expert Near You

HomeJab’s virtual twilight services are available nationwide and can be ordered online in just a few clicks.

Find us in a city near you or contact us to learn more.

Our professional real estate photographers are available to shoot your home, commercial space, vacant lot, and more in fewer than 24 hours.

For the perfect virtual twilight photo, all they need are normal daylight conditions and a clear view of the property. No more waiting for that fleeting, notoriously hard-to-capture “magic hour” of dusk!

Once the photo is captured, our experienced graphic designers take over. They use the latest technologies and tools to give your property the life-like illusion of an enchanting dusk scene.

Our editors can make other adjustments, too, like “turn on” interior and exterior lights, remove blemishes, flash reflection, and sunspots from the picture, or color-correct other elements in the image, with free revisions until you’re happy.

How Virtual Twilight Helps Real Estate Marketing

HomeJab’s industry research found that property listing’s shown in a virtual twilight setting got 3X the clicks as those without it.

This is a gamechanger for any real estate agent looking to boost their online presence. The more clicks your listing gets, the more leads you’ll generate, the faster your property will sell. There’s hardly a better formula.

Discover the untapped potential of virtual twilight for your real estate listings.

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