Big or Small, HomeJab Tailors High-Volume Photography and Video Solutions to Enterprise Needs

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Be it a start-up or a centuries-old, legacy brand, there is a lot of joy in being part of a thriving business enterprise. The process of improvement, refinement, and revisions that takes a product or service from good to great is often hard-fought and rarely a straight line.

For many, the thrill of working for a thriving enterprise is in facing challenges and overcoming them through innovation. Like many of the business enterprises we partner with, HomeJab was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit. As a nimble, digital-age business, HomeJab embraces opportunities to tailor our services to the unique needs of Enterprise customers.

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HomeJab was built on a desire to create efficiencies in high-volume photography through a service on-demand platform akin to Uber or DoorDash. Using HomeJab, enterprise customers can schedule professional photography remotely with just a few taps of their screen.

HomeJab currently engages more than 800 talented photographers nationwide to complete thousands of independent photography shoots per month. By keeping these resources routinely engaged in meeting our client’s needs, HomeJab draws on an exceptional pool of talented photographers in every major metropolitan market in the U.S. to develop high-volume photography solutions for enterprise customers.

Take, for instance, an internet-based apartment listing service that recently engaged HomeJab to customize and beta-test an enterprise videography solution. Using a combination of data analytics and neighborhood insights to create a more refined rental search experience, this client works with large-scale property developers to list a high volume of apartments all over the country.

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As part of a new product development process, they enlisted HomeJab to develop a streamlined video capture of both individual apartments and overall properties to illuminate the different units and lifestyles each development offers.

Depending on a renter’s price point, there are some amazing apartment properties out there with incredible amenity packages – gyms, pools, dog parks, clubhouses, and so on. HomeJab is helping this client develop dozens of individual video tours of available properties each month to showcase what living in each of the unit types at a specific property will be like for renters.

HomeJab’s photographers use High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques that produce vibrant, life-like images and video tours that create a realistic walk-through that can be experienced worldwide via the internet.

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For enterprise customers, the efficiencies begin with being able to solve photography and videography needs locally on-demand, but compound exponentially based on their geographic footprint and volume of need. Having a single-source photography and videography provider with nationwide reach allows enterprise customers to scale up solutions developed during testing when the time comes.

What makes the service genuinely valuable to enterprise clients is HomeJab’s ability to customize services to their business objectives. In the case of the online apartment listing service, we developed a custom template for their video tours that includes branding elements, text overlays, and voiceovers.

Beyond being able to fulfill photography or video tours on-demand, HomeJab’s ability to output those elements in the desired finished form is like combining Uber with a luxury car rental service that allows you to order whatever ride you want.

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Though there are challenges to customizing HomeJab’s standard service, our detailed enterprise onboarding process is the key to working out the kinks. Typically, in an enterprise situation, HomeJab will adjust the workflow process and dedicate specific human resources to marshal resources and shepherd success. This requires a situational investigation that unfolds over time.

In addition to a dedicated account manager, we will work with enterprise clients to assess the need to assign a dedicated video editor or specific photographers to the account.

Regardless of business objectives, if your enterprise needs high-volume, multi-location photography of real estate, enterprise assets, or facilities, HomeJab is willing to come to the table with solutions.

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