Capture the Best Moments: Introducing Event Photography by HomeJab

HomeJab event photography

At HomeJab, we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of our Event Photos & Video services!

While we have been capturing stunning visuals at various events for years at the request of our clients, we are now making event photography an official part of our service offerings.

Our extensive experience spans a wide array of events, and we’re here to bring that expertise to your next occasion.

What We Offer

Photos and Videos for Every Event: Whether you’re a real estate agent hosting a corporate party or a business leader organizing a conference, our team is equipped to capture every moment.

We have proudly provided photography services at award ceremonies, such as those held by industry leader Coldwell Banker, and their lively after parties.

event photography of after party

Our portfolio also includes a variety of other events, from charity functions and grand ribbon-cutting ceremonies for new developments, to town parades and open houses—and many more.

Event photos - ribbon cutting ceremony

We also cover corporate events extensively, including conferences hosted in all major cities.

event photography corporate event in Philadelphia

Customizable Packages: Our services are not limited to just photography. We offer comprehensive video solutions, including professionally edited 1-2 minute videos perfect for sharing on social media or embedding on your company website.

These videos are crafted to be used repeatedly, helping to market your team’s spirit and the culture of your company effectively.

Why Choose Professional Event Photography and Videography?

Capture High-Quality Memories: High-resolution photos and high-definition videos preserve the essence of your event, capturing moments that phone cameras and amateur photography might miss.

speaker at corporate event

Showcase Your Brand: Professionally captured images and videos are a powerful tool for branding. They reflect the professionalism and stature of your event, enhancing your brand’s perception among clients, stakeholders, and the public.

corporate charity event photo

Engagement and Marketing Tool: Visual content from events can be a significant asset in your marketing toolkit. Whether it’s showcasing the success of an event on social media, enhancing your website’s visual appeal, or creating engaging email marketing campaigns, professional photos and videos play a crucial role.

photo of real estate open house

Versatility of Use: The content we create for you is versatile. Use it to highlight company milestones, celebrate achievements, or simply give a shout-out to your team’s efforts. It’s content that keeps giving back, providing you with ample material to engage with your audience across various platforms.

town parade photography

Expanding Our Horizons

With a legacy in real estate photography, HomeJab is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of real estate professionals and other businesses.

Our transition into event photography and videography is driven by our commitment to provide comprehensive visual solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Coldwell Banker awards event in Atlantic City, NJ

Get in Touch

Ready to immortalize your next event with HomeJab’s professional photography and videography services? Contact us today to learn more about our packages and how we can help you turn your event into a lasting memory.

Capture the moment. Tell the story. Elevate your brand with HomeJab.

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