12 Funny Real Estate Videos You Have to See to Believe

There’s an entire community out there that seeks to find humor in the fast-paced world of real estate. Online, you can find viral real estate listing videos, gags, parodies and so much more, all in the spirit of spreading laughter. Some are genius, some are lame, and some are accidentally hilarious. We’ve gathered the best funny real estate videos we could find for your entertainment!

12 Top Funny Real Estate Videos

1) Parody Classic

Old Spice is known for its iconic and absurd commercials. Check out this realtor who parodies Old Spice and creates commercial gold.


2) Top-Notch Advertising

Ellen DeGeneres has made her mark in the real estate industry by flipping multi-million dollar homes and producing the popular television show Ellen’s Design Challenge on HGTV. She shares this passion on The Ellen Show in a segment called Really Real Real Estate. Out of all of Ellen’s real estate segments, this is definitely her best one yet. No BUTTS about it!


3) Rinata, the Not Real Realtor!

Do you remember the old reality TV series Candid Camera? Unknowing participants were put in ridiculous situations and at the end of the stunt, the hidden cameras were revealed, much to the relief of the prank victims. The Ellen Show set up a candid camera stunt of its own at an open house with unsuspecting buyers.


4) Real Estate Video Tour Magic

HomeJab’s number one choice may not have hundreds of thousands of views and may not be the fanciest, but it is absolute magic. Many realtors use comedy to make their real estate videos go viral and get more views for their properties. The Terreri Team created a video tour in an attempt to do just that. It’s impossible to describe. Just see it for yourself!


5) The Glamorous Life of a Realtor

One common misconception about real estate agents is that most of them lead glamorous lives. Their calendars are filled with red-carpet events. Their pockets are brimming with back-stage passes. And they travel frequently to exotic destinations like Bora Bora. Well, the funny real estate video below begs to differ. In it, you’ll find out that the real estate market isn’t quite what many people make it out to be.


6) Being a Real Estate Agent is Easy!

Another popular misconception about real estate is that selling homes is easy. But this funny real estate video paints a different picture. One scene, in particular, conveys the idea of the “broke agent” hilariously. The agent poses next to a fancy Range Rover, says that selling real estate is “easy money.” To show that this isn’t always the case, the agent turns around and hops into his rinky-dink Subaru Outback parked next to the luxurious Range Rover. Then, he drives off with the Outback’s engine wheezing its last few breaths.


7) The Crazy Buyer

In this video, a buyer lives out her crazy fantasy with an unsuspecting agent during a home tour. What’s truly crazy? Their performances are really good. From the get-go, you can tell the actors are deeply committed to their craft, even if it’s for a low-budget, funny real estate video. They’re so good that the video has garnered over 125K views on YouTube. Not bad for a four-minute video with a surprise ending that would give M. Night Shyamalan a run for his money!


8) Have I Got a Bargain for You

Part of a YouTube series called “Bruce’s Banging Bargains,” this listing video takes us on a tour of a dilapidated house in North Gosford, located about 50 miles north of Syndey, Australia. The real estate agent not only shows his comedy chops in this funny real estate video. He also flexes his real estate muscle by helping home buyers envision themselves in a home that needs some major TLC. This is hard to pull off for a scary-looking fixer-upper with a “treasure trove” of junk tucked away in the crawl space. But funny realtors have a way of making their clients feel at ease no matter what, and Bruce accomplishes just that!


9) Sh*t Real Estate Agents Say

This video stars “Snazzy Peabody,” a seasoned real estate agent whose fluffy wig, oversize sunglasses, and quasi-Brooklyn accent feel frighteningly familiar. She makes a splash in the first ten seconds of this funny real estate video by complaining that the Uber ride to her client’s open house is going to cost her more than her commission. The rest … well… you just have to see it to believe it.


10) God Made a Realtor

If you’re just starting as a real estate agent or growing your real estate career, this video — aptly titled “God Made a Realtor” — will help you laugh away the occupational hazards that come with running a real estate business. These include late-night phone calls with your clients and non-stop work over the weekend, with no guarantee that the deals you have in the pipeline will close. Ah, but when they do close, they make this exciting career well worth it. In the end, you’ll be thankful that “God made realtors.” Check it out!


11) “Hello” Parody

Real estate professionals who feel underappreciated might relate to this parody of Adele’s hit song, “Hello.” This funny real estate video was shot in black in white, mimicking the artist’s official music video. It explores the raw emotions behind a contingency gone wrong, an unsigned purchase agreement, and the agent’s last hope for a smooth appraisal.


12) Things We Wish We Could Say

Funny real estate videos aren’t just about the things real estate agents say. By extension, loan officers are often dragged into the mix, telling their tales of woe when the average buyer fails to disclose a “hiccup” in their credit history. This one is a must-see.


There are too many funny real estate videos to choose from. We could easily go on forever! Comment below if you happen to find a funny real estate ad, video tour, meme, or prank. We’d be happy to share it and continue spreading the laughter!

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