HomeJab Prep List

If you’re wondering how to prep the listing for your upcoming HomeJab appointment, then look no further. We have put together the ultimate guide on how to prepare the property for a real estate photography shoot. We recommend going over this list with your seller. It’s recommended to be as prepared as possible to get the most out of your photoshoot. Please click the link found at the bottom of this guide if you’d like a printable checklist.

General Tips

  • Our photographers are instructed to not touch or move anything in your home. Please have everything placed properly beforehand. We recommend doing a walkthrough before the photographer arrives to be sure the home is exactly how it should be.
  • A home is best captured when empty. So, please do your best to keep all pets and/or guests out of the photographers way. This also provides a safer environment for all involved.
  • We do not photoshop items out of photos free of charge. If you would like an object not to be seen in the photos, then please do your best to remove it.

Deep Cleaning Tips

  • Sanitize all doorknobs and light switches before and after the photographer arrives
  • Sanitize and disinfect all high-touch surface areas (tables, counters, sinks, etc)
  • Place the blinds how you would like them to show in the photos to avoid additional touching of objects in the home
  • Turn on all the lights and/or ceiling fans you would like on for the shoot to avoid additional touching of objects in the home
  • Ensure soap is available in the home for hand washing

Exterior Tips

  • Remove all vehicles from driveway and from front of the home
  • Move garbage cans & recycling cans out of sight
  • Straighten deck and patio furniture
  • Clean pool and pool area
  • Remove shoes left outside near any doors
  • Remove old/unused flower pots
  • Remove any outdoor toys, garden tools, bikes, etc. If these items must remain outside, make sure they are in a neat order
  • Ensure the landscaping looks its best
  • Wrap up any outdoor hoses

Interior Tips

  • Declutter, declutter, declutter!
  • Remove piles of bills, newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • Ensure all light bulbs work and turn them on
  • Make all beds and put away clothing
  • Vacuum and clean all carpets
  • Remove all personal care items from sink, shower, bathtubs, and counters
  • Ensure all toilet lids are down, clean mirrors, and hang fresh towels
  • Hide pet beds, food and water bowls, litter boxes, and toys
  • Make sure kitchen sinks are empty and clean
  • Declutter kitchen counters, refrigerator door, etc
  • Remove personal photos if possible
  • Remove or empty trash cans in all rooms
  • Ensure all furniture is tidy and in order
  • Open all doors to each room
  • If possible, hide all electronic wires

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