Protecting Your Real Estate Business: The Importance of Independent Media Services

independent media services for real estate agents

As a real estate agent, you work hard to list and sell properties for your clients. Part of this process involves using professional media services to showcase the properties in the best possible light.

However, it’s crucial to make wise decisions when choosing media services (photos, video, 3D tours, floor plans) to avoid handing over too much control to large search portals or Wall Street-funded public companies.

Here are seven essential tips to help real estate agents make informed decisions when working with media companies:

Retain Content Rights

Always work with media companies that provide you with the right to the content. Ensure that the media files are not under the control of search portals, as this could jeopardize your business’s autonomy.

Maintain Lead Generation Control

Search portals already control a significant portion of lead generation. Avoid handing over control of the media files that represent the visuals responsible for generating those leads.

Be Wary of Big Tech

Using apps from Big Tech and Wall Street firms that capture, measure, and store data from people’s homes might not be the best idea. Be cautious about where this data is going and who it’s being sold to.

independent media services for real estate

Protect Client Data

Real estate agents have an obligation to protect their clients’ data. Choose independent media service providers that are not affiliated with large search portals or Wall Street-funded public companies to uphold this responsibility.

Be Cautious with AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) enters the market, be careful not to hand over too much control to software companies. Work with photographers who provide you with source files and allow you to control where the media is displayed.

National search portals are already building plugins for AI like ChatGPT to add to their search apps.

Avoid Industry Consolidation

We’ve seen regional banks begin to disappear and consolidate into large national banks.

The same could happen to real estate if agents and regional brokers don’t take steps to keep control of their media and avoid handing everything over to search portals.

Choose Pro-Realtor Media Companies

The bottom line is that agents should work with media companies that support and prioritize the needs of real estate professionals.

By carefully selecting independent media service providers, you can maintain control over your content and protect your clients’ data. By doing so, you safeguard your business and ensure a more secure and prosperous future in the real estate industry.

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