Essential Tips for Creating a Real Estate Photography Shot List

real estate photography shot list

Real estate photography is pivotal in making a first impression on potential buyers or renters. At HomeJab, we ensure that all main areas of your property are captured beautifully with our standard photography shot list.

However, to truly highlight what makes your property unique, creating a custom shot list is crucial. Here’s how you can make sure nothing gets missed.

Why Create a Custom Shot List?

While our photographers automatically cover all main rooms, a custom shot list ensures that any unique features, special areas, or specific views that are important to you get the attention they deserve.

This could include a newly renovated master bathroom, a custom kitchen island, or that cozy reading nook you love. By specifying these in your shot list, you ensure these elements are not missed.

photography shot list

Identifying Unique Features

When preparing your photography shot list, walk through your property and note any unique features that you feel should be highlighted. Consider areas like:

  • Architectural enhancements (e.g., crown moldings, wainscoting)
  • High-end installations (e.g., outdoor kitchens, custom fireplaces)
  • Special areas (e.g., home offices, gyms)

In addition to identifying features to highlight, it’s equally important to note any areas that should be avoided.

For instance, if one of the bedrooms is currently being used for storage or there is an area under renovation that will not be completed by the time of the photo shoot, make sure to document this.

Highlighting what to omit is just as crucial as showcasing the key features.

shot list for professional real estate photography

Preparation Tips

The key to stunning photographs is not just the photographer’s skill—it’s also how well the property is prepared. Here are some tips:

  • Declutter: The single most important thing you can do is declutter. Removing unnecessary items and personal belongings allows the beauty of your property to shine through.
  • Clean thoroughly: Ensure that every area of the home is clean and presentable.
  • Stage each room: A well-staged room looks inviting and makes a strong impression in photos.

Shot list for photography

Aerial Photography Considerations

If your photo shoot includes aerial shots, think about nearby features you want to highlight or exclude:

  • Include: Request aerial images of nearby attractions like parks, lakes, or community centers that enhance the appeal of your property.
  • Exclude: Specify any areas you prefer not to show from an aerial view, such as less appealing neighboring properties or construction sites.

Custom photography shot list

Example Photography Shot List

Here’s an example of how your custom shot list might look:

  • Kitchen: Highlight the new backsplash behind the stove.
  • Master Bedroom: Focus on the bay windows and the walk-in closet.
  • Backyard: Capture the landscaping and the newly installed patio.
  • Finished Basement: Door to basement is located through the door off the kitchen
  • Deck: Include a shot from the deck looking towards the backyard
  • Aerial Shot: Capture an aerial shot showing the proximity of the nearby park down the road

photography shot list for real estate

How to Communicate Your Shot List

To ensure that your specific needs are met, add your shot list or a link to it in the “Must Have Shots” section of the HomeJab order form when you schedule your shoot.

This information is directly sent to your photographer and is accessible via their HomeJab mobile app while on-site. This is especially useful if you cannot be present during the shoot.

Virtual twilight for real estate photography

The Importance of Communication

The most common problem in real estate photography is missing photos. Since photographers cannot read minds, clear and well-documented communication is essential to save time and avoid frustration.

By providing a detailed photography shot list through the HomeJab platform, you help ensure that every significant aspect of your property is captured, reducing the need for reshoots and speeding up the selling process.

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