Top 5 Breathtaking Views from Philadelphia Apartments

A city is more than the rumbling sounds of traffic, the clatter of people walking, and the low murmur of conversation. The Philadelphia skyline proves to be to one of the most beautiful to view. It offers historic to modern sites and makes any real estate more desirable when the skyline is something the lucky homeowner can wake up to.

Check out the most breathtaking Philadelphia skyline views and try to contain your jealousy.

Interior photo looking out the windows onto the city of Philadelphia.
S 18th St, Philadelphia. Listing Agent: Hana Liebowitz
Large living room with wood floors and large picture windows over looking Philadelphia.
S 6th St, Philadelphia. Listing Agent: Kathleen Conway
Interior photo of a dining room with large windows looking over the city of Philadelphia.
Walnut St, Philadelphia. Listing Agent: Oren Wineburg
Photo taken on the patio of an apartment in Philadelphia.
S Penn Square, Philadelphia. Listing Agent: Rebecca Rynkiewicz


Living room photo with two sofa and windows looking into Philadelphia.
S 16th St, Philadelphia. Listing Agent: Timothy Garrity

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