Vacation Rental Interior Design Trends and How to Photograph Them

vacation rental interior design trends

Step aside, boring beige walls and plain Jane furniture – today’s vacationers are seeking vacation rental properties with serious style and character. From statement furniture to eye-catching textures, interior design trends in the vacation rental game are heating up. 

As a photographer, capturing these design elements is essential for making your listing shine and drawing in those coveted bookings. Explore our latest pointers below, including valuable insights from Airbnb, and enhance your photography skills.

vacation rental interior design trends

Life’s Too Short for Bland Decor

So what trendy touches are guests going crazy over these days? Think statement wall murals, funky light fixtures, and eclectic furniture finds. Homeowners are getting playful with their spaces by layering in unique patterns, mixing old and new pieces, and embracing the “more is more” mindset.

One of the hottest design trends of 2024 is the addition of tapestries and opulent textiles. It adds a whimsical and playful touch to vacation rental interiors that guests are absolutely eating up. Oversized, intricately woven tapestries draped over sofa backs or hung as vibrant wall art bring an instant dose of color and visual interest.

But it’s not just tapestries turning up the texture. Plush velvet sofas, Moroccan pouf ottomans, and hand-knotted macramé plant hangers are cropping up everywhere. These lush textiles create an irresistibly cozy vibe that feels equal parts luxurious and laidback.

Real estate photographers have the ability to play up these unique design elements to make spaces feel inviting and captivating. Using techniques such as close-up shots to showcase the details of a tapestry, or wide-angle shots to capture the harmony of mixed patterns and textures, photographers can create compelling visuals that draw potential guests in.

vacation rental interior design trends

Cozy Cabins Meet Modern Makeovers

You had me at “shiplap.” The modern farmhouse look continues its reign in many vacation homes, especially cozy cabin retreats. But instead of the expected rustic vibes, design-forward owners are elevating these spaces with contemporary twists.

Think sleek modern furniture pieces and funky light fixtures to contrast those exposed wood beams. Or a bold splash of color on the kitchen cabinets to liven up the traditional shiplap walls. It’s all about striking that sweet spot between comfortable and cutting-edge cool.

Photographers shooting these spaces have the unique challenge of balancing the rustic with the modern. By carefully framing shots to include both the traditional and the contemporary elements, they can tell a compelling visual story. 

Highlighting the contrast between old and new, such as capturing a sleek modern chair set against a backdrop of classic shiplap, can create striking images that appeal to a wide range of guests.

vacation rental interior design trends

Funky, Sculptural Furniture 

Another major interior design craze we’re seeing? Sculptural, statement-making furniture pieces that double as functional art. Forget boring box sofas and boxy media cabinets – 2024 is all about embracing curves and organic shapes.

Retro-inspired accent chairs with groovy curved frames are having a serious moment. Pair those with a trippy tufted curved sofa and you’ve got yourself an enviable conversation pit that’ll transport you right back to the 70s in the best way possible. Tubular steel and rattan details only add to that vintage-meets-modern vibe.

Overall, geometric, asymmetrical side tables and funky arched floor lamps further fuel the sculptural mania. It’s the perfect blend of mid-century cool and contemporary edginess that design fans can’t get enough of.

Make sure to highlight these conversational accents. With the vast number of vacation rentals on the market, such unique items capture viewers’ interest and keep your property top of mind.

real estate photographer

Bold Excellence with Black Accents

Few vacation rental interior design trends are as captivating as the resurgence of black accents. Bold, elegant, and undeniably chic, black is making a powerful statement in vacation homes around the world.

Incorporating black accents into your vacation rental can elevate the space, adding a touch of sophistication and drama. Whether it’s through furniture, decor, or architectural details, black elements create a striking contrast that catches the eye and leaves a lasting impression on guests.

In a predominantly black space, lighting becomes even more crucial. Real estate photographers must skillfully balance natural and artificial light to ensure the space is captured in its best light. 

You will need to strategically place light sources to highlight key features and create depth, avoiding any areas that might appear too dark or flat. You should also consider using reflective surfaces and subtle accent lighting to add dimension and interest.

real estate photographer

Zen Outdoor Spaces

While neon signs and living green walls were all the rage in the past, today’s vacation dwellers are seeking something a bit more understated in outdoor spaces. They crave areas that exude a relaxed, effortless vibe while still offering a full range of amenities for a comfortable stay. 

Enter the trend of creating Zen-inspired outdoor environments—tranquil, harmonious spaces designed to promote relaxation and well-being while away from home. It’s the little luxe touches that are really taking these vacation rental outdoor spaces to the next level of understated sophistication. 

We’re talking organic, textural elements like jute accent rugs, macramé hanging planters, and wooden trough gardens brimming with fragrant herbs. Decorative ceramic stools pull double-duty as bohemian side tables. And curated vignettes showcasing sculptural accents and globally-inspired textiles create those covetable moments.

All in all, as the photographer, you should capture the calming essence of these spaces by taking photos in optimal lighting conditions. Not to mention, you have the ability to frame the natural elements in a way that emphasizes their tranquility, whether it’s the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees or the gentle ripple of a water feature. 

vacation rental interior design trends

Capturing Vacation Rental Interior Design Trends

So how can photographers make these trendy spaces look drool-worthy online? Let’s dive into some tips!

The Hero Shot: Prep for Potential 

Every listing needs a true showstopper shot. Pick that one space or angle that best encapsulates the home’s personality and design aesthetic. Is it those funky printed chairs around the dining table? 

Or maybe the bedroom’s statement wallpaper with Boho pom pom accents? Identify your star and stage it like the true Instagram queen it is. Get the party started with great lighting, smart accessory styling, and the prime lens and angle to nail that high-impact hero image.

Video Touring Opens Design Doors

Today’s savviest vacation rental photogs are embracing real estate videos to bring those trendsetting interiors to life! A quick video walkthrough shows off those hot design choices in full motion and highlights the cool flow between spaces.

Film vertically for Instagram reels, capture those stunning exterior shots via drone, and get creative with unique angles and movement. Potential guests get a true sense of what a stay in this well-designed home would feel like.

Creative Editing is Important

Editing is an essential step to make those on-point rental interior shots really pop off the page…or phone screen! Play around with color grading to pump up the vibrancy. Use selective focus and exposure adjustments to draw the eye to those design stars.

Don’t be afraid to add some subtle filters or effects either. A warm, bright edit can make that Bohemian rattan furniture feel even dreamier. Or a rich, moody look could amp up the glam factor of those emerald green velvet sofas.

Looking on-trend never goes out of style! 

Equipped with creative insight and editing techniques, your task of photographing a vacation rental becomes significantly smoother. Remember to incorporate these latest interior design trends when capturing visuals in 2024, ensuring that your property listings stand out and attract potential guests.

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