How Twilight Real Estate Photos Can Help Sell Homes Faster

How sweet is life during a sunset?! It’s one of those moments in which everything looks its finest, including your home.  

The numbers agree, too. In a recent A/B test, HomeJab found that the same real estate listing generated 3X the number of clicks when the featured image showed the home in a twilight setting as opposed to a daylight setting.  

In other words, twilight real estate photos do a better job of attracting prospective homebuyers, driving more traffic to the listing, and generating more leads.

Twilight Real Estate Photos At A Glance

We all know that sunsets are fleeting, gone an instant. So capturing that right angle or image of your home can be a difficult task as the sun dips below the horizon.

The good news? Real estate photographers don’t have to rush to the home in a race against the setting sun, nor wait patiently for that right moment when the sky’s bursting in hues of blue, orange, and lavender.

Luckily, there’s another way to come up with great twilight real estate photos that properly capture that special moment in time.

It’s called “virtual twilight photography” and we’d love to tell you all about it!

Large one story house with white walls and grey room taken at twilight.

What is Virtual Twilight Photography?

Virtual twilight photography is achieved in post-production by using Photoshop or other virtualization software to emulate the beauty of sunset lighting. The end product conveys the same effects as if the sun were actually setting, making your home look its absolute best without the hassle of capturing the photo in an uncontrolled environment.

With twilight real estate photography, shadows are cast just as they would in real life. This allows viewers to see what the home’s surroundings look like at sunset, providing them with an accurate portrayal of the home before nightfall.

While virtual staging showcases the home’s interior features, twilight real estate photos grab the viewer’s attention by bathing the exterior home in warm rays of light, complete with “natural” shadows to make it look uber authentic.

You can pick and choose among your favorite daytime photos of the home’s exterior captured by one of our professional real estate photographers. From there, let us take it away and create breathtaking twilight real estate photos without the headache or expense of another photo session.

In short, with virtual twilight photography, you’ll never miss a sunset again.

Two story house with white paneling and long driveway taken with twilight photography.

Benefits of Twilight Real Estate Photos

With most listings, you’d hire a real estate photographer to capture the home during the daytime when there’s ample sunlight. That window to shoot is vast, from morning to late afternoon.

But when it’s time for your real estate photographer to capture that perfect sunset image, they have to wait patiently for the right moment when the sun is setting.

When that moment arrives, the real estate photographer will then have to race frantically to capture multiple shots of the home while the sky is painted in warm colors.

With virtual twilight photography, there’s no need for real estate photographers to rush. In fact, they don’t have to wait around for the sun to set at all.

HomeJab can take the daytime images shot by real estate photographers and create flawless twilight real estate photos in post-production. These images will capture the viewer’s imagination and boost your listing’s click rate!

Dining table for two next to a window over looking a city next to a river.

Twilight Real Estate Photos At Their Best

Virtual twilight photography is at its best when the featured image of a real estate listing depicts the home at dusk:

  • The sky will appear as it would during the actual sunset, filling your virtual space with rich colors and producing the best twilight real estate photos of your home.
  • Outside lighting will be at its finest, showing off the amazing detail of your home exterior and surrounding areas. It makes any part of your yard that much more appealing.
  • The sky turns into a deep purple or blue, which contrasts perfectly with the lit windows in the home.
  • The sun appears to be setting right at the horizon line, creating a warm hue through the glass panes or windows of the home. This is very similar to the actual sunset, creating that remarkable feeling of wonderment.
  • Your real estate photographer doesn’t have to wait for the sun to set, which can save you a whole lot of time and money! Remember, daytime photos can be edited to depict a virtual twilight setting, which can boost your real estate marketing efforts exponentially.

Be sure to include twilight real estate photos in your listing to showcase the home in its best possible light.

Picture of a long fishing dock taken using virtual twilight photography.

Virtual Twilight Photography Services

Now, you might wonder if twilight real estate photos are misleading to potential buyers.

The answer is no.

Twilight real estate photography renders the daytime shots that the real estate photographer captures to emulate what the home will look like at dusk. So while there is some amount of post-production involved, twilight real estate photos reimagine the real thing.

HomeJab includes virtual twilight photos for free with all our “Luxury” photography packages.  Please click here to learn more about our twilight real estate photos

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