The Ideal Number of Photos for Your Real Estate Listing

twilight real estate photo of backyard in East Hampton, NY

Choosing the right number of photos for a real estate listing can be a bit of a Goldilocks dilemma. Too few photos may leave potential buyers unsatisfied, wanting more. Too many photos could overwhelm and deter interest.

So, what’s the “just right” number of photos? At HomeJab, we’ve done some research and gathered data to help answer this question.

The Common Complaint: “You’re Missing Photos!”

We’ve noticed a recurring issue: many customers opt for our 15-photo package because it’s more affordable. However, these clients often find themselves disappointed when they realize that key rooms or angles have been left out. It’s a classic case of “you get what you pay for,” and it’s a situation we want to help you avoid.

HDR real estate photo dining and living room

What the Data Says

According to our HomeJab survey from 2021, which polled 289 listing agents, the most common answer to the question “how many photos do you upload to the MLS for an average-sized home?” was 30 photos, with 51% of agents choosing this number. 19% opted for 40 photos, and a whopping 80% upload at least 30 photos or more.

On our website, around 15% of all photography orders include just 15 photos. However, the #1 choice by far is 30+ photos, which aligns with our survey findings.

Why 30 Photos is the “Sweet Spot”

Let’s break down the math:

  • 3 angles of major rooms like kitchens, living rooms, and master bedrooms.
  • 2 angles of every other bedroom and full bathroom.

In an average-sized home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, that’s already 19 shots. With fewer than 30 photos, you’re leaving out small rooms like laundry rooms, walk-in closets, half bathrooms, and even the exterior of the house.

Thirty photos give you the flexibility to capture multiple angles of important rooms, include images of smaller areas, and still have room for showcasing the exterior of the property—front and rear yard included.

HDR real estate photo of living room

The Danger of Overloading

Having too many photos—like more than 50—can be counterproductive. Prospective buyers could find it cumbersome to scroll through an extensive gallery.

A better approach is to complement 30 high-quality photos with other forms of media, such as videos or virtual tours. This balanced media strategy can provide the prospective buyer with a comprehensive view of the property.

Why 15 Photos Doesn’t Cut It

Fifteen photos, for an average size home, is problematic for several reasons:

  1. Missing Rooms and Areas: Vital spaces are often left out.
  2. Limited Perspectives: Only one angle can be captured for most major rooms.
  3. Photography Is Subjective: Not every angle will appeal to every viewer.

professional real estate photo dining room in townhouse

For Larger Homes: 40-50 Photos Should Suffice

If you’re listing a particularly large home, it’s reasonable to increase the number of photos to around 40-50. This provides ample space to showcase the additional rooms and features without overwhelming potential buyers.

15 Photos for 1-2 Bedroom Apartments

While 30 photos may be the ideal for most homes, 15 photos could be sufficient for smaller 1-2 bedroom apartments. Given that there are fewer rooms to cover, a 15-photo package can adequately capture the essence of the property without omitting crucial spaces.


Our industry research and experience indicate that 30 photos is the ideal number for an average-sized home listing. It’s enough to offer a comprehensive view without overwhelming potential buyers.

Remember, the goal is not just to show the home but to sell it. A well-curated set of 30 photos, perhaps supplemented by a video or virtual tour, can go a long way in achieving that goal.

So the next time you’re pondering how many photos to include in your listing, aim for the “sweet spot” of 30. You won’t regret it.

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