Top Photography Companies to Watch This Year

top photography companies in 2024

The world of photography continues to evolve, driven by innovation and technology. As we look ahead, several photography companies stand out for their pioneering approaches and potential impact on the industry.

From AI-driven platforms that revolutionize how photos are taken and processed to community-focused enterprises changing how visual content is shared and monetized, these startups are shaping the future of photography.

Let’s dive into some of the most exciting photography companies to keep an eye on this year.

Creative Force company

Creative Force is a SaaS that provides eCommerce with the tools to make their website stand out and attract customers. Offering high-end editorial images, video, and copy in massive volume, Creative Force is a one-stop source for businesses looking for more and better control over their content creation.

Headquartered in Denmark, Creative Force maintains a U.S. headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 2019, Creative Force boasts clients such as Tommy Bahama, Columbia Sportswear, Calvin Klein, and many more.

Creative Force SaaS, top photography companies

Creative Force’s success is partly due to its integration with high-end software companies like Adobe and Capture One. This allows you to utilize these programs in developing your eCommerce sight with stunning images and video.

Creative Force is worth watching for those looking for an investment. It recently raised over $8M and has an estimated revenue between $1M and $10M.

Skyfi photography company SkyFi provides high-quality satellite photography through an app or its website. Various businesses need this type of photography, which is not readily available through other platforms.

SkyFi is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and based on recent additions to its technological toolbox, it is positioning itself to be the go-to for satellite and aerial imagery.

Real-time aerial photography is valuable in construction, real estate, oil and other energies, agriculture, and many other fields. Businesses will be able to:

  • Monitor job progress without leaving the office
  • Locate future project sites
  • Determine the suitability of real estate, buildings, and more.

Skyfi satellite photo example

With a user-friendly satellite photo and video app, even personal users can turn to SkyFi. Personal users will enjoy the ability to:

  • See and explore areas they may never be able to visit
  • Zoom in on hunting and fishing areas or pick out a sight for a wedding
  • Find the perfect homesite without leaving their computer.

SkyFi takes currently available mapping sites to a whole new level. Both personal and business users will gain more knowledge, save valuable travel time, and streamline daily operations.

If you have ever used online mapping to look for famous places or to look up your address, you know the power behind seeing the world from above. SkyFi takes that simple idea and expands it beyond your imagination.

Glass AI

Who doesn’t take pictures with their smartphone? Who doesn’t wish the pictures were better quality? Glass Imaging, Inc. does that and more. Utilizing a truly ground-breaking Neural ISP technology, your smartphone camera can produce SLR-quality pictures without the need for bulky cameras and lenses.

At the heart of every great photo is a great lens, and Glass Imaging, Inc. is pioneering advancements in optical technology. Their innovative lens designs promise to bring new levels of clarity and precision to photographs, potentially setting new standards in the industry.

Glass AI enabled photo sample

Glass Imaging is not just about hardware. It’s also developing software solutions that enhance the capabilities of its lenses through computational photography techniques, making professional-quality photography more accessible.

Rasing over 9 billion dollars at the beginning of 2024 and developing lens modules that combine stationary and moving lenses, Glass Imaging should be on your watch list of photography companies. Both personal and business consumers will flock to this new and dynamic camera option.

Takes company logo

Takes takes social media video sharing to the next level. This 1-click video app allows users to create videos using photos. Snap picture after picture and let the app do the rest. The app uses innovative technology to create videos in real time, even when pictures are being snapped. Users can then share the video across social media platforms.

Example screen of Take mobile app

Located in San Francisco, California, Takes is the ideal app for sports enthusiasts and other team activities. High school and college athletes and older adults who attend games will enjoy the ease with which their video is created. The older crowd will particularly love that the videos do not have to be edited and put together, simply click and watch it come together.

With the recent surge in social media platforms that tout videos, Takes should be positioned to stay in the game for a long time.

Pocstock photography

In an era where diversity and representation matter more than ever, Pocstock stands out by providing stock photography that truly represents the world’s diversity.

This startup not only offers images featuring people of all backgrounds but also actively works to support underrepresented photographers. By doing so, Pocstock enriches the media landscape and ensures that diverse voices are heard and seen in mainstream media.

Pocstock example stock photos

Pocstock provides businesses with stunning images of a diverse range of people. With over 800 photographers in over 50 countries providing images, Pocstock has the images you need for your website. If you can’t find it in their vast library, Pocstock can arrange to have something photographed for you.

With big names like Samsung, AAA, Rutgers, and more already partnering with Pocstock, you can expect this company to continue growing. Steve Jones, founder of Pocstock, predicts growth to go from $20M to $100M in two years. If you haven’t already, you must put this on your watch list.

Rush Roto photography startup

Rush Roto is a small business owner’s answer to photography needs, with the assistance of AI and advanced technology. Rush Roto makes it possible for small e-commerce businesses to add photos to their product line without the need to hire expensive photographers.

Rush Roto mobile app

AI photography is quickly becoming the norm, with many images being hard to decipher from a real photo. Using AI to populate eCommerce websites saves time and money that can be better utilized elsewhere. Additionally, changing photos is just a click away. No more waiting for a photographer.

Users can purchase only the subscription option they need to set up their e-commerce site. With the added features of background music and photo edits, Rush Roto will easily become the go-to for small business and home entrepreneur e-commerce sites. This money-saving feature alone makes it worth watching.

While Rush Roto is a pre-seed, there are indicators that it may be moving ahead. They are ready to launch funding rounds aimed at raising up to $6M.

Aragon AI photo head shots

Professionals know the importance of headshots for marketing. However, at upwards of $500 for a photo shoot with no guarantees of the outcome, many choose to skip this important tool. Or, worse yet, they have headshots they do not like. Aragon.ai is the answer to this age-old problem.

Utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence, Aragon.ai uses your photo to create multiple headshots using nothing more than your computer. Simply upload a photo and let Aragon do the rest. You will get multiple photos with different backgrounds and styles.

examples of Aragon head shots

Founded in 2022 in San Francisco, California, Aragon.ai has established itself as a leader in professional headshots, with backing from companies like LinkedIn. With new features like team packages, businesses can easily and inexpensively update company photos.

Aragon.ai is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence in photography at a whole new level. This startup’s AI-driven cameras and editing software can make real-time decisions about composition, lighting, and even subject matter, mimicking the decision-making process of a human photographer.

As AI continues to evolve, Aragon.ai is well-positioned to lead in creating tools that could someday work alongside human photographers as creative partners. Look for Aragon.ai to stay in the picture.

Influence Studios photography company

Influence Studios is one of the few good outcomes of COVID-19. With locations in San Diego and Los Angeles, California, these turnkey photography studios will likely be the tip of the iceberg.

Influence Studios sample studio for photography companies

Photographers can create high-quality content in pre-styled, pre-lit sets for a fraction of the cost of setting up a studio. No more carrying lighting and props. You show up and shoot. Influence Studios makes it simple for businesses to get the best shots with the best sets without being the most expensive option.

Although currently located in only two cities in California, it’s not beyond the imagination to see this concept popping up nationwide.

Photography Companies in 2024

Keep an eye on these innovative startups in 2024. Each of these companies brings something unique, from enhancing the technical aspects of photography to transforming how we perceive and interact with visual content.

It’s exciting to see how these photography companies will shape the future of the industry, pushing the envelope of what’s possible both creatively and technically.

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