6 Real Estate Technology Companies to Keep an Eye on in 2024

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In the real estate industry, the digital realm continues to offer boundless opportunities for innovation and efficiency. Despite the significant strides made, there remains a vast expanse where technology can further streamline operations, enhance user experiences, and reshape the future of real estate. 

The real estate technology companies highlighted in this article are at the forefront of this exciting frontier, pioneering intriguing projects that set them apart. While they may not yet be household names, their early-stage innovations signal a promising potential that warrants attention. 

As we delve into the contributions of these six trailblazing real estate technology companies, we invite you to keep a close watch on their journey through 2024 and beyond, for they are poised to redefine the standards of the industry.

Top Real Estate Technology Companies

CompanyWhat They Do
DrodatAutomates property insurance fraud detection using drones and AI
EngrainEnhances real estate experiences with data visualization
RealbricksDemocratizes real estate investing through fractional ownership online
CrowdaConnects investors with real estate developers via a fintech platform
BackflipOffers fast, friendly fix-and-flip loans for real estate entrepreneurs
PerisphereRevolutionizes FSBO transactions with AI-driven real estate marketplace


Drodat is tackling the $45 billion annual challenge of property insurance fraud through innovative use of automated drones and AI visual intelligence. 

Based in Miami, FL, this pioneering company is creating the largest historical database of US property conditions. By conducting extensive drone-led inspections, Drodat provides insurers with detailed insights into property risks, aiding in accurate claim validation and fraud detection.

Revolutionizing Property Risk Assessment

Drodat’s semi-autonomous drones are mapping urban landscapes to gather comprehensive data on property conditions, such as roof integrity and foundation issues. 

This effort is transforming property risk assessment, offering insurers a detailed, data-driven view that enhances decision-making and sets new industry standards.


Engrain stands out in the real estate technology landscape with its innovative touch screen kiosks, interactive mapping, and advanced data visualization solutions. 

Located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Engrain is dedicated to transforming visual property data into actionable intelligence, enabling unparalleled performance and profitability in the multifamily sector. 

Their products not only enhance the leasing experience but also provide strategic advantages by offering flexible and centralized leasing solutions that empower teams and foster portfolio growth.

Elevating the Leasing Journey

Engrain is redefining the future of leasing and property tours through its next-generation products and map-based data visualization software. 

By prioritizing data brilliance and strategic supremacy, Engrain helps property teams create smarter, more engaging experiences. Their solutions are designed to outperform, outshine, and outsmart in the multifamily domain, paving the way for unstoppable growth and innovation.


Realbricks, based in Buffalo, WY, is pioneering a shift in the real estate investment landscape with its innovative proptech platform. This forward-thinking company is making real estate investing accessible to all by introducing a model of fractional investment. 

Starting with as little as $100, investors can now build a diverse real estate portfolio, “Brick by Brick,” through Realbricks’ user-friendly online platform. This approach allows multiple investors to share membership interests in residential real estate, opening doors to investment opportunities that were previously out of reach for many.

Empowering Investors with Fractional Real Estate

Realbricks is expanding the horizon of real estate investment by offering a variety of choices through its investment marketplace. Initially focusing on long-term rental properties, the company has ambitious plans to incorporate vacation rentals and multi-family units into its offerings. 

Fractionalized real estate, the cornerstone of Realbricks’ business model, democratizes investment by dividing property costs among several investors, making ownership more attainable. Realbricks not only facilitates entry into the real estate market but also promises the potential for proportional profit distributions, revolutionizing the way individuals invest in real estate.


Crowda is transforming the investment sphere from its base in Austin, TX, as a fintech platform that bridges the gap between investors and real estate developers. 

This innovative platform offers a simplified, accessible, and secure marketplace, meticulously focusing on maximizing efficiency and optimizing returns for investors. Crowda stands out by connecting investors with verified real estate investment projects, ensuring a level of transparency and trust that is paramount in the investment world.

Expanding Investment Opportunities in Real Estate

At the heart of Crowda’s mission is the revolutionization of the real estate investment landscape through a data-driven approach. This approach is tailored to enhance efficiency, minimize risks, and amplify returns for both developers and investors involved in real estate development. 

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and in-depth market insights, Crowda is redefining the dynamics of real estate investments, making it a pivotal platform for those looking to invest in the future of real estate development.


Backflip, headquartered in Denver, CO, is at the intersection of proptech and fintech, empowering real estate entrepreneurs to positively impact local communities through housing revitalization. 

Unlike traditional lenders, Backflip specializes in offering swift, hassle-free, and reliable fix-and-flip loans tailored for residential projects. Their innovative approach ensures that entrepreneurs receive the personalized financial support they need to execute deals efficiently, thereby facilitating the scaling of their ventures.

Accelerating Real Estate Ventures with Innovative Financing

Backflip is revolutionizing the real estate financing sector by providing fast and friendly loans, coupled with a streamlined application process designed to simplify each subsequent loan request. Their cutting-edge platform allows for rapid analysis of investment opportunities, equipping real estate professionals with enterprise-grade data to make informed decisions swiftly. 
Backflip combines the agility of tech-driven solutions with the invaluable support of dedicated loan experts, ensuring that each financing solution is perfectly aligned with the entrepreneur’s goals, thus redefining the pathway to scaling in the real estate industry.


Perisphere, based in the bustling heart of New York, NY, is reimagining real estate with a strong focus on consumer needs. Their innovative platform, Relm, is set to revolutionize the For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) market by leveraging Perisphere’s proprietary Merlin AI, making buying and selling properties more intuitive and efficient than ever. 
This platform is crafted to foster direct connections between buyers and sellers, enhancing the FSBO experience with the power of Real Estate AI and addressing the challenge that 70% of FSBO homes fail to sell.

Facilitating Direct Real Estate Transaction with AI

Relm is not just a marketplace; it’s a better way to engage in real estate transactions, designed to empower buyers and sellers to interact seamlessly. By joining the waitlist, individuals gain early access and insight into Perisphere’s developments, ensuring they’re at the forefront when the platform launches. 

With Perisphere’s vision, the future of consumer-centric real estate is bright, promising a more accessible, efficient, and successful FSBO experience.

Watch these Real Estate Technology Companies

As we move forward into 2024, keeping an eye on these real estate technology companies will be crucial for anyone involved in or interested in the future of real estate. The potential for these companies to reshape market dynamics, improve accessibility, and increase transparency in the industry is immense. 

Their journey represents the evolving landscape of real estate technology, promising a more interconnected, intelligent, and inclusive future for all market participants. The advancements these companies are making today are laying the groundwork for the next generation of real estate, making this an exciting time to watch, engage with, and be inspired by the future they’re building.

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