Real Estate Photography San Diego: Why it’s Essential

San Diego home prices are outpacing real estate markets across the country, and it’s causing trouble for agents. The nationwide average increase this year (from 2017-18) was 6.4%. San Diego reached the sixth biggest increase with 7.3%. This, in addition to a lack of single family homes, is causing a small slump in home sales (The San Diego Union-Tribune). It is more important than ever to use professional real estate photography in San Diego. Professional photography and media is the key to getting buyers through the front door.

Why You Need a Professional San Diego Real Estate Photographer

Holiday Magazine states that San Diego is the “only area in the United States with perfect weather” (Why San Diego?). San Diego’s perfect weather naturally lends itself to beautiful real estate photography. It is a county, however, with a diverse landscape. A single family home by the mountains can require different equipment and skill sets than a condo by the ocean. Buyers need to be enticed by photos and video that show off the property’s best features, landscape, and desirable neighborhood. It’s essential to use a photographer with the best equipment to feature your piece of San Diego paradise.

Here at HomeJab, we pride ourselves on providing the latest and most innovative services that will make your listing pop. Take a look at these homes in San Diego captured by HomeJab’s local talent.

Best Options for Real Estate Photography San Diego

Drone photography is the best choice to capture San Diego’s ocean side, mountain views, and vibrant downtown. This includes 30 standard photos of the interior and exterior, 10 Aerial Photos, and a video walk-through with aerial video.

Real Estate Photography San Diego

In addition to aerial photos, you may want to capture those spectacular views from inside. San Diego’s perfect weather, however, equals bright sunny days that will blow out any window in a photo. Single exposure photography just won’t cut it for a property with beautiful views, you will need HDR photos. HDR photography balances the light inside and outside to create crisp, bright photos. Our Ultimate Luxury package will give you all of the drone footage you need, plus HDR photos to feature those breathtaking views for only $585. 

San Diego Real Estate Photography

There are a few different opinions on the current state of the real estate market in San Diego. Some believe the problems will pass, while others think it is a warning for what’s yet to come. Regardless of where the market is heading, using professional real estate photography in San Diego is the best way to get hesitant buyers in the door.

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