How Much Do Real Estate Videos Cost?

how much do professional real estate videos cost?

A professional real estate video is a valuable tool for real estate agents and property sellers, as it showcases the property’s features and highlights its strengths. However, many people may not realize the amount of work and costs that go into creating such a video.  The following article provides an in-depth guide on real estate videography pricing.

Before we dive into the pricing, it’s important to understand all of the photographer’s costs that go into producing a real estate video. First and foremost, a photographer must have the right equipment, including a professional DSLR camera and a gimbal to stabilize the footage. This equipment must be insured, which adds to the cost, and it also requires upgrades and repairs due to wear and tear. photographer with professional DSLR camera

In addition to the cost of equipment, there are also travel expenses to consider. Photographers need to travel to the property, which can take a significant amount of time and incur additional costs such as maintenance on their vehicle and gas expenses.

If the video includes aerials, then the photographer must also have the proper equipment and licensing, including a FAA Part 107 drone license. The license to fly a drone takes time and money to obtain and there may be additional requirements for the photographer to contact the FAA for approval. Moreover, weather conditions can cause last-minute rescheduling and add to the cost.

real estate videography pricing

Finally, there is the post-production process, which can take longer than the actual shooting of the video. This requires professional editing software and music licenses, as well as time for editing, which is where the real magic happens in showcasing the property.

Now that we understand the photographer’s costs and what’s needed to get set up, let’s review real estate videography pricing for each type of property video.

Walkthrough Videos

A walkthrough video is the most popular choice for real estate videos, as it provides potential buyers with an idea of the property’s layout and a true tour of all the rooms and how they connect. The price of a walkthrough video as a standalone service can vary depending on the location and the size of the property, but it typically ranges from $200 to $250.

However, if the walkthrough video is added to professional photography services, the cost can be significantly lower. This is because the photographer is already at the property and does not need to incur additional travel expenses. In this case, the cost of the walkthrough video is usually just a $50 to $100 add-on to the cost of the professional photography services.

For example, if the cost of professional photography is $200, then the total cost for photos and the walkthrough video would be $250 to $300. This is a cost-effective way to showcase the property and provide potential buyers with a comprehensive view of the property’s layout and features.

Aerial Videos

Drone videos are another type of real estate video that provides a unique perspective of the property from above. They can add complexity to the shoot and require additional time, as well as present a higher level of risk due to the potential for technical issues or crashes with the drone.

As a standalone service, aerial videos are typically priced similarly to walkthrough videos, ranging from $225 to $300. This cost covers the expenses associated with obtaining the proper licensing and equipment, as well as the time and expertise required to shoot and edit the aerial footage.

However, if the aerial video is packaged with a walkthrough video and professional photos, the cost can be more reasonable for most budgets, typically ranging from $400 to $500. This provides a cost-effective way to showcase all aspects of the property.

Community Videos

Community videos offer a glimpse into the local amenities, events, and culture that make a neighborhood unique and allow potential buyers to visualize themselves living in the area. These videos can be challenging to price because the cost depends on the number of locations being requested.

For smaller neighborhood shoots that include up to 3 different shots of various popular spots, the cost is similar to a walkthrough video, typically ranging from $200. However, more comprehensive community videos that include a variety of locations such as parks, local retail, landmarks, and residential streets typically require a half-day shoot ($500-$700) or a full-day shoot starting at $1,000+.

FPV Videos

FPV (First-person view) drone videos are a highly specialized and unique type of video that offers a unique perspective of a property. The photographer uses a headset to fly a drone through the interior and exterior of the property in one continuous shot. This type of video requires specialized drone equipment and head gear, as well as many hours of practice.

Due to the limited supply of professionals who are capable of executing FPV videos correctly, the costs for these videos are priced at a premium. On average, FPV videos start at $800 and can reach $2,000 or more depending on the location and the need for significant travel.

Commercial real estate videos

Commercial real estate videos are a crucial tool for showcasing commercial properties to potential buyers or tenants. The most popular type of video for these properties is drone videos, which offer a comprehensive view of the property, surrounding commercial properties, and major roads that intersect.

The complexity of commercial shoots, such as the need to show traffic patterns, can make them more expensive than residential shoots. Prices for commercial drone videos typically start at $300 and can go up to $800 or more if multiple locations are needed. In some cases, it may be necessary to fly down an entire commercial corridor to showcase a stretch of properties in the area, which would further increase the cost of the video.

For apartment and senior living properties, the cost of video production is dependent on the scope of the project. Walkthrough videos are a great way to showcase the units, but the pricing will be based on factors such as the number of units being filmed and the number of amenities included in the shot list.

On average, shoots that include aerial footage and multiple units would start at $500 and could potentially reach $1,000 or more if a full day of shooting is required. The final cost will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the project.

Custom videos

For custom videos, the cost is highly dependent on the scope and type of video being created. From videos that feature an agent speaking throughout, to lifestyle videos with actors, to agent or team commercials, and real estate events, the options for custom videos are vast. The pricing for these can start at $200 per hour or can be structured as half-day or full-day rates, depending on the project’s requirements.

Some custom videos like commercials can require several days of shooting and a full day of editing, with prices starting at $2,000. The cost of custom videos will vary based on the complexity, duration, and level of production required.

Summarizing Real Estate Videography Pricing

Real estate videography pricing has come down significantly in the past decade, with walkthrough videos now available for as low as $200. While video production is not inexpensive, it is becoming increasingly accessible for real estate professionals, thanks to technological advancements and the growing demand for video.

The choice of video type and the price range will ultimately depend on the requirements of the real estate property, the location, and the extent of the shoot. Whether it is a drone video, a walkthrough tour, or a custom video, the result can provide a comprehensive and engaging viewing experience that can help sell a property.

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