Streamline Your Real Estate Photography with HomeJab’s Order API

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HomeJab understands the needs of large volume photography customers, particularly new real estate brands and alternative brokerage models that aim to keep their users engaged within their own platforms.

To support this, we offer an intuitive Order API that allows customers to schedule their photography directly from their own applications.

Effortless Integration with HomeJab’s Order API

Our API is designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement. Detailed API documentation and instructions are available once you sign up for free at HomeJab.com.

You’ll find a link to the API docs at the top of your dashboard, which you can easily share with your developer for a quick and smooth setup.

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How the HomeJab Order API Works

The API provides two main functionalities:

  1. Retrieve Available Packages: A single API call fetches all the photography packages HomeJab offers, allowing you to display these options directly on your site or app.
  2. Place an Order: Another API call enables you to place an order for a specific package. This includes providing the property address, preferred date and time, special instructions, lockbox information, and any specific shot requests.

Kitchen real estate photo in Dublin, CA

Benefits of Using HomeJab’s Order API

Streamline Ordering: Integrating our API into your platform simplifies the ordering process. Your users can browse available packages and schedule shoots without ever leaving your site or app, making the experience smooth and efficient.

White Label Opportunity: By embedding our photography scheduling within your platform, you maintain your brand’s look and feel. This white-label opportunity means your customers associate the high-quality service with your brand, enhancing your professional image.

Automatic Scheduling: Automate the scheduling process to save time and reduce manual errors. Your users can book photo shoots instantly, ensuring quick turnaround times and improved satisfaction.

Increased Convenience for Your Customers: Providing a seamless, in-app booking experience makes it easier for your customers to schedule photography sessions. This added convenience can enhance user engagement and loyalty.

Enhanced User Experience: By offering a streamlined and integrated service, you can improve the overall user experience. Customers appreciate having all services at their fingertips, which can set your brand apart from the competition.

Detailed Customization: The ability to include special instructions, lockbox info, and specific shot requests ensures that the photography meets your exact needs. This level of customization helps in delivering high-quality results tailored to your requirements.

Getting Started

Getting started with HomeJab’s Order API is straightforward. Sign up at HomeJab.com, access the API documentation from your dashboard, and request your API key. Our team is here to support you through the integration process and ensure you get the most out of our services.

Integrate HomeJab’s Order API today and take your real estate photography to the next level. Streamline your operations, enhance your brand, and provide an exceptional user experience—all with the power of HomeJab.


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