Professional Commercial Real Estate Photography: Capturing the Best of Every Property Type

Professional Commercial Real Estate Photography

The residential real estate industry has benefited greatly from professional photography and video. High-quality images and virtual tours have become standard in the industry, helping buyers to tour properties remotely. However, the commercial real estate industry has been slower to adopt these same visual marketing techniques.

Commercial real estate transactions are often more financial and technical in nature, but that doesn’t mean that visual marketing should be overlooked. In fact, commercial leasing agents and tenants can both benefit greatly from better quality visuals. By showcasing a property’s best features and highlighting its potential, commercial real estate photography can help attract and retain tenants, increase lease rates, and ultimately drive more revenue for property owners.


Retail properties, such as restaurants and bars, can use professional commercial real estate photography to drive the growth of their business online. High-quality images of delicious food, inviting ambiance, and unique decor can entice potential customers to visit the establishment. By showcasing the unique characteristics of the restaurant or bar, professional photography can help differentiate the business from the competition and attract customers looking for a specific dining or drinking experience.

Additionally, professional real estate video can be used to create virtual tours of the establishment, giving potential customers a feel for the atmosphere and layout of the space. This can be especially useful for restaurants and bars, as customers want to know what to expect before they visit.

Traditional retail businesses, such as bookstores, can also benefit from better visual assets on their websites and social media. By showcasing their merchandise and creating an inviting atmosphere, professional commercial real estate photography can help attract customers to the store. Additionally, virtual tours can help customers navigate the store and find the products they are looking for. Overall, professional marketing materials can help these retail businesses to stand out in an increasingly crowded online marketplace and bring more foot traffic to their physical locations.

Student Housing

Student housing is a highly competitive market, and property owners are always looking for ways to stand out and attract potential renters. One of the most effective ways to showcase a property is through professional video and virtual tours. These marketing materials provide an in-depth look at the property and its amenities, allowing potential renters to envision themselves living there.

Virtual tours can be particularly helpful for student housing, as they provide a detailed look at the property and the surrounding area, giving prospective renters a sense of the community and lifestyle they can expect. Additionally, virtual tours can help parents and family members get a sense of where their children will be living, which can ease their concerns and make them more likely to approve the rental.

High-quality video can also be used to create an emotional connection with potential renters. By showcasing the property’s unique features and highlighting the amenities available, property owners can appeal to the specific needs and wants of their target market, which can help increase occupancy rates.

Self Storage

Self storage properties are often overlooked in the real estate industry, as many people assume that all self storage spaces are the same. However, the self storage niche is becoming increasingly competitive in the investment real estate world. Property owners are using professional video to set themselves apart from the competition and increase their online presence and SEO.

Recent trends indicate that the demand for self storage space is increasing dramatically. With more and more people downsizing their homes or moving to urban areas, the need for additional storage space is on the rise. By showcasing their properties through professional video, self storage property owners can differentiate their offerings and appeal to the specific needs of their target market.

Video can be used to highlight the property’s security features, climate control, and other amenities that set it apart from other self storage properties. Additionally, virtual tours can provide potential renters with a detailed look at the property and its layout, which can help them envision how they will use the space and make a decision on whether to rent.


In today’s digital age, modern tenants expect a virtual experience when shopping for a new apartment. Younger generations, in particular, prefer that the entire transaction happen online, including the tour of the property. This is especially true for those who move often, travel frequently or work remotely. They want to be able to see the property from the comfort of their own home, and have a good understanding of the space before deciding to visit in person.

Virtual tours and professional photography have become an essential tool for apartment owners and managers to attract and retain tenants. They provide potential renters with an immersive experience, giving them a detailed look at the property, its layout, and its amenities. This helps renters envision themselves living in the space and can make the decision-making process easier.

Senior Living

The senior living industry is growing rapidly, with an increasing number of people entering these facilities. According to the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care, the demand for senior living is projected to double, with the population of Americans aged 85 and older projected to reach 14 million by 2040.

It’s important for families to have as much information about a property as possible, especially when their loved ones are moving into a senior living facility. Many times, family members are living in different parts of the country and are not able to physically tour the property themselves. This is where video comes in incredibly useful. High-quality video and virtual tours can provide families with an immersive look at the property, its layout, and its amenities.

Virtual tours can also help family members get a sense of the community and lifestyle that their loved ones can expect. They can see the common areas, the rooms, and the staff and other residents. This can ease any concerns they may have and make them more comfortable with the decision to move their loved ones into a senior living facility.

Beating your Competition with Professional Commercial Real Estate Photography

The commercial real estate market is changing and adapting to the new digital era. Younger consumers are increasingly looking for better online content and are demanding a more immersive experience when shopping for a new property. As a result, property managers and investors are recognizing the importance of professional commercial real estate photography and video to showcase their properties and attract potential tenants and buyers.

Investors are also becoming more remote and international, with companies using crowdfunding to bring together investors from all over the world to buy commercial real estate. In a world that is fully connected online, having the right visual assets for your property is a requirement. Just like residential real estate, better quality commercial real estate photography is a key for any serious investor or property manager in 2023 and beyond. It helps to showcase the property’s best features, highlight its potential, and attract the right tenants or buyers.

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