11 Real Estate Companies in Philadelphia to Know in 2024

Philadelphia real estate companies

When you hear the words “real estate”, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s real estate agents and perhaps brokerages. There’s a good reason for that. Agents and brokers are the most visible part of the industry to the majority of Americans.

However, the truth is that ensuring the industry can operate smoothly requires a very wide range of business types, from mortgage lenders to project management companies. And what might surprise many people, is that Philadelphia is home to some of the most successful firms.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the most important real estate companies in Philadelphia.

Top Real Estate Companies in Philadelphia

CompanyWhat They Do
GoldOllerManages a diverse portfolio of multifamily properties across the East Coast and beyond.
UCHSpecializes in managing apartment homes, including historic Philadelphia properties.
Arden GroupFocuses on commercial real estate investment and operations in growth markets.
WatchdogProvides comprehensive real estate consulting and project management services.
EquusOffers private real estate investment fund management with a community and investor-aligned approach.
ProTitleUSADelivers nationwide title due diligence and a range of title-related services.
The Flynn CompanyOffers a full suite of commercial real estate services from management to development.
New Age RealtyCombines property management and brokerage for both commercial and residential sectors.
Stockton AdvisorsProvides tailored commercial real estate advisory and management services with a community focus.
Stonehenge Advisors​Offers expert real estate investment guidance and management in the Tri-State area.
BasarSpecializes in off-market private real estate sales and global investment advice.

GoldOller Real Estate Investments

Founded in 2009, GoldOller Real Estate Investments owns and manages multifamily assets that total over 40,000 units. The company’s portfolio extends up and down the entire East Coast, from Florida to New York, as well as to Midwest and Southern states as far as Texas. In addition to its managed properties, the company also markets third-party managed properties.

A Nationwide Leader with a Local Touch

GoldOller works with investors as well as aspiring residents, and it serves a broad range of property types. That includes conventional apartment developments, as well as country club neighborhoods, exclusive gated communities, and many more. Its “GO lifestyle” is a major draw for residents, and that continual influx of new residents and stable pool of existing residents is very attractive to investors looking to build their wealth.

University City Housing

University City Housing is one of the oldest existing real estate businesses in Philadelphia. It was founded in 1967 and has grown considerably in the intervening decades. Its mission is to buy, renovate, maintain, and manage real estate as a long-term investment, as well as to provide affordable, comfortable housing options.

Blending Tradition with Modern Living

The company owns, operates, and manages a broad range of property types, all of which are apartment homes. Many are converted Victorian homes in historic Philadelphia neighborhoods, but University City Housing also maintains and manages historic apartment buildings and other properties.

Arden Group

Founded in 1989, Arden Group remains a privately owned, commercial real estate fund management and operations company vertically integrated into the middle market. With 12 locations and almost 100 employees, the firm offers in-depth expertise in a range of critical areas, including acquisition, development, financing, management, and disposition to name just a few.

Pioneering Middle Market Real Estate Solutions Since 1989

Arden Group’s primary focus is on high-quality commercial real estate located within dynamic growth markets. Combining a range of strategies, including buy-fix-sell and buy-fix-manage, the firm’s portfolio includes light industrial, multifamily and student housing, special situation properties, and more.

Watchdog Real Estate Project Managemnt

While Watchdog might have started as a real estate-focused project management firm, it has grown to fill a number of other niches, as well. Today, Watchdog bills itself as providing “tailored solutions to meet your needs in all aspects of real estate consulting”.

Customized Real Estate Solutions Beyond Project Management

That includes project management, but also professional search and asset identification solutions, and real estate advisory services. Watchdog is also engaged in many different projects, ranging from corporate to education, life sciences, nonprofits, community-based initiatives, and hospitality.

Equus Capital Partners

Established over 40 years ago, Equus Capital Partners is a private real estate investment fund management firm focused on vertical integrations within America’s top-tier markets. The company’s focus on transparency, alignment with community and investor goals, and integrity in action have helped separate it from others in the industry.

Four Decades of Community-Aligned Real Estate Investment

Equus Capital Partners’ investors range from public, corporate, and union pension plans to high-net-worth individuals and families, university endowments, and more. In addition to outstanding investment management capabilities, Equus also believes in giving back, with over 2,000 volunteer hours and $6 million in charitable donations from 2018 to 2022.


Titling is a major hurdle within the real estate industry. That’s true whether you’re looking to purchase a single-family home or invest in a commercial property. Title problems can mean years in court or a total loss of an investment. ProTitleUSA is a nationally recognized, Philadelphia-based title research company. Its tagline, “Nationwide Title Due Diligence” underscores the firm’s commitment to accuracy, transparency, and going the distance for clients.

Pioneering Title Due Diligence for Secure Real Estate Transactions

ProTitleUSA offers nationwide title search capabilities right from its website, but its range of services encompasses much more. That includes portfolio analyses and exams, and title curative actions. Note that ProTitleUSA works with both commercial and residential clients and uses proprietary technology that allows them to order title searches online securely.

The Flynn Company

The Flynn Company was established in 1980 and is one of the leading commercial real estate companies in Philadelphia. It remains a privately held, full-service real estate firm and is committed to delivering high-quality services that address key challenges its clients face.

A Comprehensive Real Estate Powerhouse Since 1980

The Flynn Company offers third-party property management, sales and leasing services, property maintenance, accounting, property development, general contractor and construction-related services, and capital market and investment services. The firm’s portfolio includes industrial properties, multifamily properties, manufacturing plants, flexible space, corporate centers, condominium developments, and many other types.

New Age Realty Group, Inc.

New Age Realty Group was founded in 1986 and has become one of the most respected real estate companies in Philadelphia and the surrounding area in that time. The firm combines two business models under one roof: a full-serve property management company, and a licensed real estate brokerage serving both commercial and residential clients.

Integrating Property Management and Brokerage Expertise

New Age Realty offers a broad range of services for its clients. Those include rental location services to help find the perfect rental option, management services so owners can focus on other things, management services to maintain properties and attract tenants, and sales services to expedite disposing of properties.

Stockton Real Estate Advisors

A multi-award-winning advisory firm, Stockton Real Estate Advisors is one of the leading real estate companies in Philadelphia. The firm delivers tailored solutions to meet specific client requirements and challenges. Those solutions are spread across a wide range of areas, including commercial investment advisory services, asset management services, landlord advisory services, tenant and corporate advisory services, and property management services.

Crafting Custom Real Estate Strategies for a Stronger Community

Stockton Real Estate Advisors is also committed to building a better, stronger community. That includes taking steps to address systemic racism within the real estate industry, as well as supporting multiple community-focused initiatives, and recognizing team members and their contributions to build a thriving culture and retain key talent for years to come.

Stonehenge Advisors

Stonehenge Advisors is one of the leading real estate companies in Philadelphia for investors seeking expert guidance. In addition to Pennsylvania, the firm also serves New Jersey and Delaware, delivering local expertise to ensure its clients benefit from high-quality management and investments that perform over time.

Expert Real Estate Guidance for the Tri-State Area

Stonehenge Advisors Inc. is more than an investment advisory firm, however. It offers a wide range of related solutions, including local management for mid-sized and institutional properties within its service area. It also manages a growing portfolio of commercial offices and industrial properties, provides experienced residential property management and leasing services, is a well-established condominium association manager, and has deep experience developing multifamily projects. The firm’s portfolio includes office space, industrial properties, residential properties (multifamily, condo, etc.), and healthcare properties.

Basar International Group

Basar International Group has offices around the world, including one at Penn Center. As one of the largest real estate companies in Philadelphia, Basar holds a well-earned reputation for excellence, exemplary client service, and due diligence. It is the only firm on this list to focus on off-market private sales. The firm has also pioneered a global, data-driven online transaction marketplace to support private sales and in-depth research.

Global Excellence in Off-Market Real Estate Transactions

Basar International Group’s primary focus is on investment advice. However, the company does offer a range of CRE solutions that can be tailored to address specific requirements. Those include its Value Impact Fund, Ghaf Tree Fund, global REIT solutions, debt and equity, and innovation opportunities within the tech, digital asset, and global health industries.

Philadelphia: A Hub for Diverse and Dynamic Real Estate Companies

Downtown Philadelphia in twilight

The explosion of real estate businesses in Philadelphia speaks to several important factors.

First, there is the sheer diversity of demand. Philadelphia is a major global city and increasingly a place where investors and developers look for new options. Its proximity to New York City, Washington DC, and other cultural and business epicenters is accelerating these trends.

Second, it speaks to the growing demand for local companies capable of handling the needs of even the most discerning and demanding clients. Customization of services is key here.

As you can see from this list of real estate companies in Philadelphia, the city has something for virtually any need. Whether you’re interested in exploring the power and potential of REITs or looking to purchase a single-family home, purchase a commercial property, or find a local expert to provide property management services, there’s a real estate company available right in town.

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