How Often is Real Estate Drone Photography Used to Market Listings? The Answer May Surprise You

Aerial photo of residential neighborhood in Los Angeles

Real estate drone photography is a valuable tool that can help agents market their listings more effectively. But, our data shows that only 13.7% of property shoots include aerials. This may seem like a surprisingly low number, given the many benefits that aerial photos provide.

Drone photography can give buyers a bird’s-eye view of a property and its immediate surroundings, providing a sense of scale and context that can be difficult to convey through ground-level photos alone. They can highlight neighborhood amenities, such as parks, playgrounds, and bodies of water, that might be hard to spot from street level. And they can add an instant “wow” factor to a listing, making it stand out from the competition.

aerial photo of residential street in Phoenix, AZ

So, why are so few real estate agents using aerial photography? One explanation we hear often is that the property or its surroundings simply don’t offer anything interesting to show. Or, they may be hesitant to highlight something that is close by that might not be an attractive feature. But, it’s important to remember that buyers are interested in seeing the neighborhood regardless and that aerials can be an effective way to showcase it.

real estate drone photography of downtown philly

Real estate agents would be wise to consider including aerials in all of their listings. Not only can it help them stand out from the competition, but it can also help them attract more leads and win more listings.

At HomeJab, we understand that every property is unique and we work with agents to create a customized photography package that fits their needs. We are always here to help and educate agents on the benefits of including aerials in their listings and to make the process easy and hassle-free.

Furthermore, we suggest that agents consider using real estate drone photography in addition to virtual tours as it gives the buyer the chance to see the surrounding area, the proximity to the amenities, as well as the layout of the home’s interior. It provides a sense of familiarity and can help buyers make a more informed decision about whether to visit the property in person.

In conclusion, aerials are an underused but highly valuable tool for real estate agents looking to market their listings. They can help buyers see the property and its surroundings in a new light, and can make listings more engaging and effective.

And with the help of professional photography services like HomeJab, it’s easy and hassle-free to include aerials in your listings. So, next time when you are listing a property, don’t hesitate to ask for real estate drone photography, it will surely help you to close a deal faster and get more leads.

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