The Best Real Estate Videos of 2017

We have produced thousands of real estate videos in 2017 and it was a tough decision, but we have curated the best of the year. Real estate videos are becoming an essential part of marketing your listing. It is the best way to help a potential home buyer get a true sense of walking through the home, meet your team or gain the maximum exposure. Now is the time to impress on the internet, it is no longer optional. HomeJab pairs our real estate listing videos with a great selection of royalty free music and always guarantee the best quality. We have an on-site editing team that can help bring your ideas to life.

Here we present our best real estate videos of 2017. Did yours make the winning list?

1) Lifestyle Video

Our lifestyle video was produced to showcase our newest package. This video is an example of what we can produce for our Elite Package. We designed the Elite Package to cater to those luxury listings.  Some listings require more than a standard walk-through and this package is your solution. We love this video for the uniqueness, the actor and actress, the beautiful loft we showcase and the overall excitement of it. This video was able to capture the feeling within the loft and leave you wanting to see more.

2) Team Commercial

We have the pleasure of working side by side with some of the top agents in the nation. We are always excited when our clients request a team commercial. This is not only a great choice to highlight your team, but to get your names out there as well. It helps potential clients see another side of the business and get to know the team on a personal level. We especially love how this one came out because it shows how dedicated Jason Townsend and the entire Capital Community Property group of the DC area are. The personal interviews with each member of the group paired with the gorgeous shots of DC all while our popular music “Seeing the Future” makes this team commercial perfect. A commercial like this is an essential part of marketing. It can be used regularly and posted on your personal website. Take the time to view this one, you won’t regret it.

Agent: Jason Townsend Capital Community Properties


3) The Most Interesting Home

HomeJab’s team is filled with creative minds, but we love hearing our customer’s ideas too! This one was brought to us by agent Marilyn O’Donoghue, member of the RJ Soens Group at Long & Foster Avalon NJ. Marilyn approached HomeJab with an imaginative idea. This real estate video is a take on The Most Interesting Man commercials that we all have come to know. Marilyn decided to take that general idea and create The Most Interesting House! In this video, we combined our virtual staging with a carefully scripted voiceover. Our editing team also added in written captions. The grand finale ends with The Most Interesting House’s selling agent: Marilyn wearing shades and delivering a solid one-liner. This real estate video is enviable and we bet Marilyn’s phone has been ringing off the hook!

Agent: Marilyn O’Donoghue


4) Before and After

Not all homes are ready to be listed right away. A lot of homes are in need of full rehabs. One of our favorite things is when our agents request a before and after video. The renovations and changes are often hard to believe. We love to see the real transformations that our customers create. This one is especially incredible. This home was rehabbed by listing agent Takeisha Jones of Austin, and surrounding areas, Texas. She is often transforming homes and we always look forward to her before and afters. Check out the shocking transformation.

Agent: Takeisha Jones


5) Perfect Teaser

What we love about this one is the ability to pack in the best part of the two home models in a short amount of time. We often recommend our short teaser videos. They are perfect for all social media platforms and still show off the best parts of your listing. By adding in their logo and the names of the model homes, this teaser becomes an ideal marketing tool. This teaser was created for the Schaeffer Family Homes, New Jersey home builders. Our editing team added in voiceover, which helps the viewer learn even more about the models in a short period of time. Essentially this teaser was able to pack in everything needed and necessary. This one was a huge success.

Builders: Schaeffer Family Homes

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