The Digital Factory Floor: Why American Manufacturers Need Video Marketing Now More Than Ever

Manufacturing Marketing Strategies

Today, American companies are presented with a unique challenge: How do we effectively communicate the value of our products, tools, and services to a global audience? It’s a pertinent question, especially when jobs, economies, and the future of American manufacturing are at stake.

Let’s dive into a case study of how online video marketing, powered by our partnership with Thomasnet.com, is revolutionizing the way American manufacturers market their prowess and keeping jobs right here in the country.

A Closer Look at the Power of Video: HomeJab & Thomasnet

The age-old adage states, “Seeing is believing.” In the case of manufacturer marketing, this couldn’t be more accurate.  To better understand this, we caught up with Doug Lee from Thomasnet, who shed light on their collaboration with HomeJab.

“The videos that HomeJab produces for us are primarily used as ‘Factory Tour’ videos for our clients,” Doug stated. Once a video is completed, it’s positioned prominently on the respective Thomasnet.com supplier’s search results and company profile pages. And it’s making a significant difference.

What’s the advantage? Imagine you’re a potential buyer, deliberating between multiple suppliers. A video allows you to virtually walk through a supplier’s facility, witnessing firsthand the machinery, value-added services, and the overall capability the supplier brings to the table. It’s akin to a virtual handshake—a chance to ‘meet’ the team and ‘tour’ the factory without leaving your desk.

And Doug has the numbers to back this up. “From our analysis, suppliers equipped with these video tours experienced a whopping 32% uptick in buyer engagement compared to those without videos.”

Manufacturers Broaden Their Reach with Video Across All Platforms

Many suppliers are leveraging these real estate videos across various digital touch points. From embedding them on their official websites to sharing them on social media channels, and even incorporating them in email signatures, the power of video is being harnessed far and wide.

For those keen on exploring some of these impactful videos, Doug pointed us to a specific page on Thomasnet.com, which showcases various advertisers that have utilized video marketing. Furthermore, businesses interested in procuring their video can get started here.

The Bigger Picture: North America’s Manufacturing Heartbeat

It’s important to understand the massive scope of Thomasnet.com. As North America’s premier platform for industrial sourcing, it boasts close to 500,000 suppliers from the U.S. and Canada.

This means that the potential reach and impact of video marketing in the manufacturing sector are enormous.

American Manufacturing’s Digital Imperative

In a rapidly globalizing economy, American businesses cannot afford to be left behind. The manufacturing industry, in particular, stands at a crossroads. The competition is fierce, and the tools to succeed are available.

Leveraging video marketing, as showcased by the HomeJab and Thomasnet.com collaboration, is just one powerful example of how manufacturers can remain at the forefront, attract global buyers, and ultimately ensure a thriving American manufacturing industry.

For manufacturers out there: It’s high time to sell yourself online, and there’s arguably no better way to do it than with video. Embrace it.

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